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Retaining Walls

Protect Your Property in Chester, VA While Adding Dimension with Hardscaped Retaining Walls

If your yard contains broad slopes or inclines, it is crucial to protect it from erosion from water runoff. Thankfully, creating a structure that supports uneven earth can be a beautiful addition to your yard with a hardscaped retaining wall. Retaining walls can also be incorporated into walk-out basements, sunken patios, or elevated gardens.

Hardscape Block Retaining Walls: Chester, VA | Worden Paving - retaining-wall

Hardscape Block Retaining Walls 

A hardscaped block retaining wall is a durable and long-lasting solution when managing elevation and erosion in your yard. Depending on the quality of the installation, soil and weather conditions, block walls can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years with proper maintenance. Hardscaped block walls can also add a beautiful accent to your home’s current facade. Our craftsmen at Worden Paving will work with you to ensure that your hardscape installation gives your property the protection it needs.