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Driveway Paving

Beautiful, Long-Lasting Asphalt Driveway Paving in Chester, VA

Tired of treading through mud or tripping over cracks from your car to your front door? Imagine pulling up on a smooth, perfectly-graded asphalt driveway that looks great and will last for years.

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Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is an affordable paving material that looks and feels great to drive on. When installed by experts, it can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Asphalt installations are also one of the faster-paving solutions to implement.

Driveway Grading

A well-built and long-lasting driveway first requires proper grading so that the foundation’s base does not erode, and water runoff does not flow towards your home, potentially causing flooding or water damage. No matter the size of your paving project, our expertise in grading will keep your driveway and home free from deterioration for years.

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Professional, Driveway Paving Projects by Worden
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When asked the question about paving companies, I point people to check out Bill Worden and I’d be happy to speak with any neighbor about him. Bill Worden can handle tight tolerances because he knows how to survey the grade. - Mark Ludovico