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Worden Paving has been offering customized paving and hardscape services for Sutherland homeowners for over 20 years, including patio installations, retaining walls, block walls, and more.

Our customized services are your go-to solutions to creating outdoor structures and living spaces that can accentuate your home.

Our company is able to accommodate your budget and design style and has a team of experienced and customer service-oriented professionals who are dedicated to producing superior finished results. Whatever the size of your paving or hardscape project, we have the personnel, tools and experience to handle it efficiently and on time.

Our process:

Our company offers a free consultation and a detailed estimate for our services. We understand that you want your residential property to reflect who you are and your sense of style, which is why we will request your input in designing your paving or hardscape structure. When we perform our services, we make every effort to maintain a safe and orderly worksite. We will work with you until you are satisfied that your vision of what you want has been accomplished.

We also have the necessary tools and equipment, which include heavy-duty machinery, to handle any project you have in mind. Having the proper tools lets us execute our services in an efficient manner and finish your project within the agreed upon time frame.

Patio & Retaining Wall Installations in Sutherland, VA

Brick Paver Patio Sutherland VA

Having paved structures and hardscapes incorporated into your property is a way for you to personalize your private property and distinguish it from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. They can be used to create outdoor spaces that extend your home's interior living space to the outside.

Hardscapes are also useful in clearly marking boundary lines between properties and separating areas within your property. Whether you need a new installation, maintenance or repair, Worden Paving can help you with your residential paving hardscape project.

Our paving and hardscape features include:

  • Sidewalks

  • Retaining walls

  • Hardscape block walls

  • Driveway edges and columns

  • Wood retaining walls

It is our policy to use only top quality materials, whether it is asphalt, concrete pavers, brick pavers, wood, natural stones or bricks. This is because the quality of the materials that are used for paving and hardscape applications will directly affect the appearance of the structure, will have to be durable and able to withstand constant exposure to the weather elements while retaining it aesthetic appeal. We are committed to creating paving and hardscape structures that will last you a lifetime.

Whatever your residential paving and hardscape needs are, we can help. Give us a call today or fill out our online form for an estimate!


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